The Aberdeen Police Department (APD) is the primary police agency servicing a population of 14,130[1] within 6.4 square miles of the municipality of Aberdeen, Maryland.


The APD started as a single appointed bailiff with the incorporation of the town charter in 1892. The law enforcement remained a one-man job until the 1940s when the compliment of officers was increased to a total of three sworn. In 1965 when the APD chief of police Ben Ray (initially appointed as the town Bailiff, serving from 1919 - 1965) retired, the compliment was up to 16 sworn officers. The agency has expanded in personnel and duties and now includes a comprehensive force of police officers, detectives, K-9, and other special operations and support staff.[2]


The current chief of police is Randy M. Rudy. The APD contains a joint narcotics task force, K-9, SWAT team, Accident Reconstruction Team, and an Evidence Collection Unit (CSI).

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