The Alabama Department of Public Safety is a law enforcement agency serving the U.S. state of Alabama. It is made up of six divisions: Administrative Division, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Driver License, Highway Patrol, Protective Services Division, and Service Division. [1]


The Alabama Department of Public Safety began as the Alabama Highway Patrol on December 5, 1935. The Highway Patrol was renamed the Department of Public Safety on March 8, 1939 and then included 4 divisions: Highway Patrol, Driver License, Accident Prevention Bureau, and Mechanical and Equipment. [2]

Alabama Bureau of Investigation

File:AL - BOI Seal.jpg

Alabama Bureau of Investigation seal

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is the investigative branch of the Alabama Department of Public Safety.. The ABI provides investigation services in support of other members of the criminal justice system in Alabama. In addition to criminal investigations, the ABI also provides fingerprint services and a bomb squad, as well as the Alabama Fusion Center. The ABI is not a first responder agency and investigations are conducted upon request by a criminal justice agency. Members of the ABI also provide law enforcement services for operations with the other DPS divisions, such as in times of natural disaster and other special details. [3]

Drivers License Division

Highway Patrol

Alabama Highway Patrol

Protective Services Division

The Protective Services Division consists of the State Capitol Police Unit, the Executive Security Unit, and the Governor's Mansion Security Detail.[4]

Contact Information

301 South Ripley St.
AL 36102
Phone: (334) 242-4371

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