The Allegany County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) is the primary law enforcement agency for Allegany County, Maryland. The ACSO is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency servicing 430 square miles and a population of 75,300.[1]


The Allegany County Sheriff's Office was created in 1789 when Allegany County was created from a portion of Garrett County by the Acts of 1789. The first elected Sheriff was John C. Beatty in 1791. The current sheriff is David A. Goad.[2]


The ACSO is divided into four divisions:

  • The Patrol Division- Responsible for community policing and the service of court orders (e.g., Protective Orders, Peace Orders, Criminal Summons, Warrants, etc.)[3]
  • The Correctional Division- Responsible for housing offenders and transportation.[4]
  • The Judicial Division- Responsible for lesser offenses, offenders not deemed a threat to public safety. Monitors community service programs.[5]
  • The Court Security Division- Responsible for the security of the courthouse and all personnel.[6]


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