Department of Public Safety

The Bowie State University Department of Public Safety (BSUDPS, BSUPD or Campus Police) is the primary law enforcement agency for the university and is charged with the protection of life and property within its 338.5 acres (1.370 km²) of jurisdiction. The BSUPD is aided by the Prince George's County Police Department for major felonies (e.g., murder, rape, etc) and other incidents deemed appropriate by authority.

The BSUPD started its tenure as a security force at the university's conception on April 8, 1908 at the "Maryland Normal and Industrial School in Bowie" with an initial endowment of 187 acres of campus property."[1] All officers under the authority of the BSUDPS are, "vested with full police authority under provisions of Title 13, Subtitle 6, Section 13-601, Educational Article, and Annotated Code of Maryland. In addition, police officers are granted additional jurisdictional authority as prescribed in the Criminal Procedure Act, Title 2, Subtitle 1, Section 2-102."[2]

The Department of Public Safety reports directly to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life. In addition to enforcing laws of the State of Maryland and statutes of Prince George's County, the BSUPD is charged with enforcing regulations of the University and as such, regulations are enforced internally and handled by the Dean.[3] [4]


The current Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety is Ernest L. Waiters. The BSUPD has compliment of:[5]

  • 14 sworn officers (not including the Chief)
  • 3 communications dispatchers
  • 10 Public Safety Aides (non-sworn security personnel)


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