The Carroll County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) is the primary law enforcement agency for Carroll County, MD. It services a population of 170,260 people within 449.13 square miles.[1]


The current Sheriff is Kenneth L. Tregoning. The CCSO divides the county as two districts: North and South. There are three bureaus:[2]

  • Field Services Bureau-
    • Civil Division- consists of civilian constables that serve criminal and civil writs
    • Patrol Division- consists of Road Patrol, K-9, Traffic Enforcement, and Community Affairs
  • Investigative Services Bureau-
    • Court Division- provides security for the Circuit and District courts, as well as prisoner transportation.
    • Criminal Division- provides investigative services for major felonies (e.g., homicide, rape, etc) through Criminal Investigation. It also manages the Drug Task Force and the Warrant/Fugitive Team.[3]
    • Child/Family Division- provides victim services through Carroll County Advocacy Investigative Center (CCAIC), Child Support Enforcement, Domestic Violence Advocacy, and D.A.R.E..[4]
  • Management Services Bureau-
    • Support Division- provides service to the Police Academy, vehicle maintenance (Fleet Services), Supply, and Training[5]
    • Administrative Division- provides financial services, human resources/recruiting, public information (PIO), and Applicant Investigations.


The Carroll County government is currently attempting to create a County Police force. The Sheriff and many of the deputies are currently opposed to this development.[6]


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