The Cumberland Police Department (CPD) is a full service police department servicing a population of 23,901 people and 9.1 square miles within the municipality of Cumberland, MD. The CPD is charged with protecting life and property within the jurisdiction of the city. It also routinely assists the Allegany County Sheriff's Office when required.[1]


The CPD was founded by an act of legislation in 1852. In 1907, Officer August Baker was killed by gunfire while trying to apprehend a drunk and disorderly William Burns from an area that is now known as South Wineow Street. Subsequently, after the officer's death, an angry mob broke Burns out of jail using a telephone pole, drug him into the street, and shot him to death.[2]


The CPD is currently headed by Chief Charles H. Hinnant. The chief is assisted by one Deputy Chief and five Lieutenants.[3] The CPD is a progressive department and has a diverse Specialized Unit Section with the following teams:[4]

  • K-9
  • Bike Patrol
  • Motorcycle Patrol
  • Emergency Response Team


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