The Hagerstown Police Department (HPD) is a full-service agency servicing a population of 36,953 people in 11 square miles within the municipality of Hagerstown, MD.[1]


There has been six line-of-duty deaths within the HPD.[2]

  • Officer Charles E. Gall, EOW October 10, 1866
  • Officer Murphy E. Flory, EOW June 26, 1901
  • Officer John C. Middlekauff, EOW August 17, 1914
  • Chief of Police George W. Fridinger, EOW February 28, 1918
  • Officer Lynwood N. Vewcomer, EOW June 3, 1951
  • Officer Donald Ralph Cline, EOW December 13, 1975


The Chief of Police (as of 2004) is Arthur Smith.[3]


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