When Lexington was incorporated as a town on December 7, 1831, it was given certain police powers by the Acts of the General Assembly. The first policemen were called watchmen. Since that time Lexington has maintained a police force.

Lexington has grown and changed, so has it's law enforcement agency. In 1974, Lexington and Fayette County merged their governments, making it the one of two Urban County Governments in the state and Kentucky's second largest city. Merger resulted in the development of the present day Lexington Division of Police.

The Division of Police currently has authorized 570 sworn personnel and more than 150 civilian personnel to serve a population of approximately 270,000. Well over 550 vehicles are included in the Division's fleet to patrol the 284 square miles of jurisdiction. The majority of these vehicles are a part of the Home Fleet Plan which gives officers take-home privilege. The budget for the Division of Police is now in excess of 49 million dollars annually. The Division has benefited from many equipment improvements and enhancements such as a Mobile Crime Lab, Mobile Command Post, and the Enhanced 911 phone system. Officers and detectives now use computers to process information and can expedite information more efficiently. In recent years, the sector system was implemented to enhance the quality and responsiveness of police services throughout the community.

The Division continues to enjoy a great deal of support from the community and our elected officials. The excellent work the police officers are doing every day speaks for itself. Crime is down, and the level of police service is at an all-time high. The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Police is an organization of well-trained, dedicated and disciplined men and women who work together to make Lexington truly the "Heart of the Bluegrass".

(source: http://www.lexingtonky.gov/index.aspx?Page=67)

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Lexington Division of Police
150 East Main Street
KY 40507
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