The Maryland Department of General Services Police (DGS Police or DGSP) is responsible for protecting life and property at Maryland's Annapolis and Baltimore state office centers. All DGS Police Officers are fully certified and have full arrest authority.


The DGS Police is divided into two detachments:

  • Annapolis Detachment: responsible for police services to 19 state-run buildings (including, but not limited to: the state house, the revenue building, the two senate buildings). The Annapolis Detachment also coordinates law enforcement operations and traffic control with the Annapolis Police Department and the Maryland State Police during political and other events.
  • Baltimore Detachment: responsible for police services to 11 state-run buildings and has concurrent traffic enforcement jurisdiction with the Baltimore Police Department.[1]


The DGSP is currently in a political state of flux. The DGSP has no set guidelines for emergency situations and has jurisdictional issues with other police agencies during such events. The staff and officers of the DGSP are supportive of moving to a more traditional police role. Other government entities feel it would be more appropriate to contract the security to a private firm or have the DGSP absorbed into another police agency. There is currently a commission determining the fate of the agency.[2]


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