The Maryland Office of the Comptroller is a state agency charged with the fiscal responsibilities of the state of Maryland. It is the state equivalent of the United States Internal Revenue Service.[1]


  • The Chief Executive Officer is the Comptroller, which is an elected position of four years.
    • The current Comptroller of Maryland is Peter Franchot (D), currently serving his term (2007- ).[2]
    • The Comptroller appoints two Deputy Comptrollers and a Chief of Staff.[3]
  • The Field Enforcement Unit (FEU) is the enforcment arm of the Office. The FEU employs State Agents, who are fully certified police officers, comparable to IRS Agents.
    • The Field Enforcement Unit enforces the laws of the State of Maryland as it pertains to the following: alcoholic beverages, tobacco, motor fuels, business licenses, and the sales and use tax.[4]


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