Onterio Varrio Sur Los Black Angels (OVS BAs, Sur Onta or Onterio Sur) is a Latino street gang from South Ontario, California|Ontario, California. [1]


The gang OVS originated in the 1940s as a car club and gradually split into two rival cliques, the Black Angels and the Earth Angels. As a result of the rivalry, the Black Angels became the most powerful faction. Sunkist Street is the main varrio of the B.A.s, who themselves are divided into threes sub-cliques: the Lil B.A's, the Junior B.A's (Angelitos Negros), and the Black Angels. As of this day (2008) the Earth Angels are a dieing breed as some exist of to this day but this subset of (Onterio SurX3) has slowly faded away only to be taken over by the Black Angels (Varrio Sunkist St). Currently the Black Angels faction boast of 3500 members and this number triples for the members of the OVS (Onterio Surx3) gang.


One of the most notorious crimes with which the gang is associated was the June 22, 1987 murder of Mary Lou Davila Salazar. Also murdered was a girl she rented a room to and her visiting boyfriend. All killed at the hands of recently-paroled Ruben "Tupi" Hernandez, who blamed Salazar for the jail murder of Tito Marines, a fellow OVS member. Hernandez was tried and convicted of three counts of first-degree murder, and sentenced to three consecutive life terms at Pelican Bay State Prison, where he continued to orchestrate murders and became involved in a rivalry with Benjamin "Topo" Peters for control of the Mexican Mafia.

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