GAO Reports

GAO-06-1068 Military Personnel: DOD and the Services Need to Take Additional Steps to Improve Mobilization Data for the Reserve Components TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-06-1081 Terrorism Insurance: Measuring and Predicting Losses from Unconventional Weapons Is Difficult, but Some Industry Exposure Exists TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-06-166 Aviation Security: Progress Made to Set Up Program Using Private-Sector Airport Screeners, but More Work Remains TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-121 Federal Law Enforcement: Survey of Federal Civilian Law Enforcement Functions and Authorities TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-368 Information Security: FBI Needs to Address Weaknesses in Critical Network TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-375 Homeland Security: Progress Has Been Made to Address the Vulnerabilities Exposed by 9/11, but Continued Federal Action Is Needed to Further Mitigate Security Risks TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-39 Critical Infrastructure Protection: Progress Coordinating Government and Private Sector Efforts Varies by Sectors' Characteristics TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-540R Homeland Security: Information on Training New Border Patrol Agents TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-612T Stabilizing Iraq: Factors Impeding the Development of Capable Iraqi Security Forces TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-626T Critical Infrastructure: Challenges Remain in Protecting Key Sectors TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-697 Combating Terrorism: Law Enforcement Agencies Lack Directives to Assist Foreign Nations to Identify, Disrupt, and Prosecute Terrorists TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-729 Aviation Security: Foreign Airport Assessments and Air Carrier Inspections Help Enhance Security, but Oversight of These Efforts Can Be Strengthened TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-89 Homeland Security: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Collaboration at 24/7 Operations Centers Staffed by Multiple DHS Agencies TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-915 Human Trafficking: A Strategic Framework Could Help Enhance the Interagency Collaboration Needed to Effectively Combat Trafficking Crimes TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-07-997T Border Patrol: Costs and Challenges Related to Training New Agents TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-110 Terrorist Watch List Screening: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Management Oversight, Reduce Vulnerabilities in Agency Screening Processes, and Expand Use of the List TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-140T Transportation Security: Efforts to Strengthen Aviation and Surface Transportation Security are Under Way, but Challenges Remain TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-141 Maritime Security: Federal Efforts Needed to Address Challenges in Preventing and Responding to Terrorist Attacks on Energy Commodity Tankers TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-144T Combating Terrorism: Law Enforcement Agencies Lack Directives to Assist Foreign Nations TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-194T Terrorist Watch List Screening: Recommendations to Enhance Management Oversight, Reduce Potential Screening Vulnerabilities, and Expand Use of the List TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-215T Drug Control: U.S. Assistance Has Helped Mexican Counternarcotics Efforts, but the Flow of Illicit Drugs into the United States Remains High TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-253T Terrorist Watch List Screening: Recommendations to Promote a Comprehensive and Coordinated Approach to Terrorist-Related Screening TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-329T Border Security: Despite Progress, Weaknesses in Traveler Inspections Exist at Our Nation's Ports of Entry TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-35 Homeland Security: Federal Efforts Are Helping to Alleviate Some Challenges Encountered by State and Local Information Fusion Centers TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-476T Homeland Security: Preliminary Observations on the Federal Protective Service's Efforts to Protect Federal Property TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-58 Iran Sanctions: Impact in Furthering U.S. Objectives Is Unclear and Should Be Reviewed TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-67 Immigration Enforcement: ICE Could Improve Controls to Help Guide Alien Removal Decision Making TEXT PDF SUMMARY
GAO-08-68 Global War on Terrorism: DOD Needs to Take Action to Encourage Fiscal Discipline and Optimize the Use of Tools Intended to Improve GWOT Cost Reporting TEXT PDF SUMMARY
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