The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement agency servicing St. Mary's County, Maryland. It has a direct jurisdiction of 764 square miles servicing (as of 2000) a population of 86,211 people. [1]


Although, created in 1637 by James Voorhaar, the first appointed Sheriff was Lord William Baldridge in 1634.[2] The St. Mary's Sheriff's Office is the oldest documented Sheriff's office in the Maryland and one of the oldest in the nation. Sheriffs in St. Mary's County have been determined by election since 1776. As of 2007, the current Sheriff is Timothy Cameron with 126 deputy sheriffs.[3]

Some of the specialized groups that the county has to offer are K-9, Emergency Services Team (EST), Emergency Response Team (ERT), Corrections Only.

Sheriffs of St. Mary's County

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